Overview of Hostgator – Learn How to find the Best Hostgator Coupon Codes in 2014

Web hosting is important if you are thinking of expanding your reach and strengthening your online presence. You have to look for a web hosting company that will give you what you need and desire. The web hosting company should help you achieve the results that you want. If in this case you are searching for the best shared web hosting, you should not fret. In fact, you should look forward to this since there are many companies that you can consider.


The first company that is highly preferred by all is Hostgator. Hostgator offers different web hosting services like unlimited web hosting, windows hosting, web hosting reseller and VPS hosting services. Before moving before, be sure to use this hostgator coupon code to save 25% off on your hosting plan. Each web hosting service has different plans. Plans start at $4.95 per month. Coupon codes are also provided. You can get 20 to 30% off on your hosting plan.


Hostgator is followed by Bluehost. Bluehost is a reputable and reliable company since 1996. Bluehost does not offer many plans. It offers all features that you might need during the initial setup. As you go along, you will find out different things that you need. This is the time that you will pay for the upgrade. The price starts at $6.95 per month. You can also look for coupon codes and activate it to avail of discounts.


iPage boasts of easy and fast web hosting. The prices start at $3.95 per month. The setup is free and that is the reason why many people are drawn to it. If you come across a promo, you should activate it right away. iPage offers cheap hosting. It is famous for its complete featured website.


The next company that draws more clients is justhost.com. The company offers cheap solutions to its clients. It provides a complete web hosting plan with free site builder tools and unrestricted web space. You should also expect a number of freebies like add-ons and Adwords & MySpace credits. The price starts at $4.45 per month.


Hub is also included in the list. Hub is preferred by many because of its economical web hosting plans that include a complete solution. It offers WordPress blog hosting and Joomla hosting. It does not end there, Hub also offers Drupal hosting. The price starts at $4.95 per month.


Hostmonster boasts of prompt account activation. Its tech support is not outsourced which means experts trained in trouble shooting learned first-hand. Hostmonster also boasts of complete and unrestricted hosting. Price starts at $4.95 per month. You can also get coupon codes.


If you will use web hosting for your business endeavours, the best solution is FatCow. FatCow is perfect for small and medium business sites. It is also recommended for private sites. If you consider this company, you will be given building tools and shopping cart. As if it is not enough, you will enjoy a secured SSL. The price starts at $4.67 per month.

Webhosting pad

Perhaps one of the cheapest web hosting companies out there is WeHostingPad.com. The price starts at $2.95 per month. Despite its cost, it does not offer mediocre service. It boasts of unrestricted space and free tools. If you come across a coupon code, you can get a free domain.

Ix webhosting

If you are concentrated with your e-Commerce business, it is best to consider IXwebHosting.com. For $3.95 per month, you get a dedicated IP address and shared SSL.


In United Kingdom, hosting.com.ru is the best. If you target European clients (for your business), utilizing hosting.com.ru is the best solution. The price starts at $5.95 per month. It offers website builders abd VPS hosting and dedicated hosting plans.

That should do it. If you are looking for a shared web hosting service, you can simply go through the list and choose which one suits your needs. All companies offer 99.9% uptime, 30 days (or more) money back guarantee, 24/7 technical phone and chat support and Microsoft FrontPage extension support. Apart from that, the companies above also offer PHP/MySQL support, website building tools with myriad of templates, stats, virus protection, spam shield and unobstructed FTP access.

Facts about the Hostgator Reseller Program

If you are thinking about expanding your reach locally, there are many things that you can do. You only need to be creative. But if your goal is to expand globally, you should consider the internet and maximize it. World Wide Web is limitless and you can do many things there. Your business will surely grow if you see the potential of the internet. In this case, have you considered website hosting? If not, this is the perfect time that you get acquainted with it.

Web hosting is a type of service that permits any individual or company to make their website available and accessible in the internet. The web hosting companies will provide space for a specific person or company on their server. The clients can either own or lease the space. Apart from that, web hosting also provides internet connectivity. The ranges of web hosting services vary greatly. It can range from web page to web interface.

There are many companies that you can choose to host your site. There are cheap web hosting services and there are expensive ones with monthly subscriptions that are over the top. Despite the cost, you should not doubt the use and the power of web hosting. So, when you consider web hosting do not look for cheap ones, look for something that stands out. If you heard about Hostgator, you should carefully look into it before letting go of it.

You should know that there are types of hosting that you can consider. There’s free web hosting (which is offered by companies free but with limited reach or services), shared web hosting service (your website will be places together with many others on the same server), reseller web hosting (which allows you to be the host), virtual dedicated server (allocates server resources into different virtual servers), dedicated hosting service (which the user can obtain hi/her own server) and many others.

It will be up to you which one to choose. Choosing the right one for you is easy if you know what you need or if you set your goals. It is important that you choose the right one because it can affect your business or website when the time comes. If in this case you considered reseller programs, you have to consider the best web hosting company that can help you achieve your goals. There are myriad of web hosting companies out there, you just need to take your pick. You have to be wary though because there are others that will waste your time and your resources.

If you saw the potential of Hostgator, you are on the right track. Hostgator is a company based in Houston. They boast that they are the world’s leading provider of web hosting. They offer different services like shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and many more. The company is proud of its state of the art data centre. They have different web hosting plan if you are interested. Let us go deeper.

If you want to know more about Hostgator Reseller Program, you should stick for more. To give you a head start, here are the things that you should do after signing up for the reseller account:

Determine what your needs are

Starting up your web hosting account is not that difficult and complicated if you are serious about it. The first step should be determining your needs.

Change your DNS right away

You have to change your DNS right away so your web site will work. You need to change the name of your servers. This is an easy process. You will find the instruction in Hostgator’s reseller page.

Make packages

It is time that you make your packages. Hostgator will guide you through the process. Do not worry because they will provide you with tutorial videos that you can use.

Upload your web site

Now you are ready to upload your web site. You have two choices here – upload via cPanel (File Manager) or the FTP Client.

Note the useful links

You have to be familiar of the terms “after propagation” and “during propagation”. Along with that, you need to note some useful links.

Look for assistance

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact Hostgator because they will give assistance 24/7. You can consider their chat support, ticket support and phone support.

Managing your bills

Finally, you can manage your bills. You should determine if you will pay monthly or whatever. Remember that if your service is not paid on time, you will suffer some interruptions.

How to Make Money with Hostgator

If you are looking for additional income, you should seriously think about Hostgator. Looking for additional income is easy here in Hostgator. You can consider two things – affiliate and reseller programs. The good thing is that you can be one or you can be both. It will depend on you and other factors. However, you need to learn to differentiate the two so you can maximize it efficiently.


  • Nature

Reseller program lets you set up your personal hosting business. You will carry your own brand, billing and support. Hostgator is only the supplier of your services. From the customer’s standpoint, you are giving them hosting not Hostgator. This is the best solution if you are seeking to expand your brand. There are many things that you can do to promote your business. You can for instance create your personal website which sells web hosting under your domain and brand.

  • Plans

In Reseller program, you can choose from five plans – Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Aluminum offers 50 GB of disk space plus 500 GB of bandwidth and unlimited domains. For the first month, you only need to pay $19.96 but  for the next months, you should pay $24.95 per month. Copper offers 80 GB of disk space plus 700 GB of bandwidth and unlimited domains. For the first month, you only need to pay $27.96 but for the next months, you should pay $34.95 per month. Silver offers 120 GB of disk space plus 1000 GB of bandwidth and unlimited domains. For the first month, you need to pay $39.96 but for the succeeding months, you have to pay $49.95. Gold offers 160 GB of disk space plus 1200 GB of bandwidth; you should expect unlimited domains. For the first month, you should pay $59.96 but for the succeeding months, you have to pay $74.95. Diamond offers 200 GB of disk space plus 1400 GB of disk space; you should expect unlimited domains. For the first month, you should pay $79.96 but for the succeeding you should pay $99.95.


  • Nature

Hostgator’s affiliate program is open for everyone. The good thing about this is that anyone can sign up. If you do not have a hosting account, you can still sign up. Essentially, your role is to refer businesses to Hostgator. In exchange, you will get a commission. You only need to maximize promotional materials provided in the Affiliate Centre. If you consider this, you do not need to worry about interacting with the clients on a regular basis (because it is the work of Hostgator). If you are an affiliate, you only want Hostgator to support the clients you referred. In terms of your commission, you should consider one time commission rather than on-going payments.

  • System

It was mentioned earlier that you have to sign up first before you access the program. Signing is easy and it is trouble free. You simply need to click on the affiliate and sign up. After the confirmation of your account, you should go to your account information then update the payment settings. In the dashboard, you will find many things like view commissions, manage campaigns, get spreadsheet data, view referrers, manage coupons, traffic locations, banner links, manage sites, edit contact info, past pay-outs, graphed reporting and edit payment information. Hostgator has established the price and the number of signups per month. For example, 1-5 per month of referrals will cost you $50 per signup. For 6-10 referrals per month, you get $75 per signup. For 11-20 referrals per month, you get $100 per signup. For 21+ referrals per month, you get $125 per signup.

Now that you know the difference of both, you can maximize each one. Whichever you think profits you more, you have to pursue it. Do not ignore this opportunity. If you really want to take it to another notch, you have to think of unlimited web hosting. The potential of unlimited web hosting is limitless.

Learn More About Hostgator Coupon Codes

If you consider web hosting, you are in the right track. Web hosting is the best solution in the market these days if you are thinking about expanding your reach. Web hosting is a service that gives the organizations, individuals and companies space in the world wide web. If you want to utilize this, you should look for a web hosting company that can give you what you need so you can achieve your goals.

When you look for a specific company, you should consider the cost, features, reliability and most importantly the uptime. It should be 99.9%. There are different types of web hosting so it is important that at the onset, you know what you need. You can choose from free web hosting, shared web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller and dedicated web hosting.

Actually it does not end there for there are other types like cloud hosting, colocation hosting, grid hosting, clustered hosting, file hosting, image hosting, blog hosting, email hosting and video hosting. If in this case you choose Hostgator, you have to manage it well. Managing Hostgator is not that complicated but it is not that easy either. The good thing about Hostgator is you can ask for help when you feel you need it.

If something is bothering you, you have two options here – tech support and tutorials for Hostgator. Hostgator boasts of its 24/7 knowledgeable tech support. The chat and phone support are helpful. If you want a visual guide, you can consider the video tutorials provided by Hostgator. Hostgator wants to help you in every possible way so you can have a trouble-free web hosting experience. The first thing that you should do is go to help and support page. It will display things like support portal, video tutorials, forums, ticket system, billing system and live chat.

If at this time you think you really need video tutorials, you have to read further:

YouTube video tutorials

As for the YouTube tutorials, you should not worry because you will be given an array of videos that you can find useful. In YouTube, Hostgator uploads issues depending on the field. For example, you can consider cPanel Tutorials, MySQL and PHP MyAdmin tutorials, Weebly Website Buider, goMobi Mobile websites, Playlists by Hostgator and many more. Video tutorials are preferred by most instead of written because it gives clearer view.

Flash video tutorials

Apart from the YouTube video tutorials, you can also consider Flash video tutorials. Flash video tutorials include topics like Hostgator X3 Skin, cPanel X3 Skin, cPanel X Skin, Domain Control Panel, Plesk 8.6, Plesk 10, FTP, WHM (Reseller), WHM (Dedicated), Hostgator Billing, Webmail, Horde, RoundCube, Email Clients, WHM Autopilot, WHMCS, PHP MyAdmin, Mobile Email Clients, SmarterMail, Sitebuilder, SiteStudio, FrontPage, Change your DNS, WordPress, osCommerce, Gallery and Miscellaneous.

Videos embedded in articles

For your peace of mind and convenience, Hostgator provided videos embedded in articles. You should know that most of the articles have written instructions together with the videos. The written instructions are effective because it contain additional information which are not found in the videos provided. This is to supplement video tutorials. If you have concerns about cPanel, here are some information they provide – How to Log into cPanel, How do I create and Remove an Addon Domain?, How to Download a Home Directory Backup, Index Manager, Installing FrontPage Extensions and many more.

The good thing about the video tutorials is its range. It features different topics. So if you think that you need help, you can easily browse the tutorials and look for the solutions you need. To make things easier for you, go to the right side of the Support Portal page and “browse by topic”. You can also consider “helpful topics” and “interact and engage”.

Let’s Take a Peek at the Webhosting Industry

The world is vast but with the coming of webhosting industry, it became smaller and somehow reachable. That is a good thing. If you are already familiar with the concept of webhosting, you are very lucky because you can utilize it and use it for your advantage. If you are not familiar about the concept of webhosting, this is your time to know it better so you can use it for you advantage as well.

Let us start by discussing webhosting services. Webhosting service is a kind of hosting service that consents a particular company, organization or individual to make their websites available in the internet. It would take web hosts to support hosting services. Web hosts will give client’s space on their server. The concept seem easy but if you look deeper, you will find that things are difficult and complicated. But if you get the basic concept, things will be easier for you.

If you consider webhosting for whatever purposes you think that is beneficial for you, you should choose the right company. There are a lot of web hosting companies in the market. In fact, there are hundreds of companies that boast and claim their superiority among others. Sometimes choosing the right one is confusing especially if you are enticed by promotion packages and coupon codes. So, how will you know if that is the perfect one? You should consider the reliability and the uptime. If the company’s uptime is 99.99%, that will suffice.

Reseller web hosting

Reseller web hosting is a service that will allow the clients to become the web hosts. This will depend on who you are affiliated with.

Shared web hosting

Your website is placed together with other websites with the same server. If you consider this, expect that you share server resources (like CPU and RAM).

Dedicated server

If you want a dedicated server, you should consider one right away. This is helpful especially that you will gain full control and access over it.

Actually there are other types of hosting in the industry like the clustered hosting, file hosting, image hosting, email hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting and many more. Settling on a web hosting company should be thought well. You have to evaluate your needs and requirements so you can choose the best company for you. The companies will provide different features and software. You have to determine what you need and the rest will fall into place. In the end, grab your Hostgator coupon code and sign up for the cheapest possible hosting out there. And that is all, good luck!